Monthly Archives: September 2013

Peanut Butter Cookies

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When I first came across this recipe, I was a bit skeptical. There were so few ingredients and it looked too easy to be really good. But I went ahead and made them and I’m glad I did. These cookies are SO good! I plan on making them again and again. They have no butter [...]

What Are the Traits of Optimal Health?

optimal wellness in wood type

A little while back I took a detoxification series of classes. During one session we were asked the question: “Is optimal health simply the absence of disease?” Then we were asked: “What are the traits of optimal health?”: Feeling of energy – consistent throughout the day. Youthful and age-defying physical appearance. Sleep that comes easily [...]

Zucchini Bread


I love baking with whole grain flours. It used to be pretty rare that you would come across recipes that didn’t use white flour. And if you did, they were categorized as a “healthy alternative.” Well yes, whole grain flours are a healthy alternative. But whole grain baking is not just about healthy. It’s about [...]

Swiss Chard and White Bean Stew

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chard and white bean stew

This dinner is a big hit with my family. I use swiss chard, but feel free to use kale or spinach. I also use navy beans (which are actually white, despite the name), but any white bean, such as cannellini or great northern, will work. Serve this stew over garlic toasts (see below for instructions) [...]