Monthly Archives: September 2014

Farro Salad with Grilled Vegetables

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This farro salad is simple, delicious, colorful, and packed with nutrients. Farro is an ancient grain that is rich in magnesium and B vitamins. It has a higher fiber and protein content than common wheat. It’s nutty flavor and chewy texture make it a very satisfying meal. You can eat this salad warm or cold, [...]

Matcha (Green Tea) Vanilla Smoothie

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This smoothie is a real treat. It’s like a healthy vanilla milkshake. It tastes so good, it’s hard to just sip it. ┬áIf you’re not familiar with matcha, it’s finely ground, high quality, green tea powder. It’s sweeter than steeped green tea and, because it’s in a concentrated powder form, it’s super healthy due to [...]